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WMTD Prototype Tooling

Born of our customers’ need to produce and test prototype castings in the intended production process, we have developed a system whereby we build single cavity soft tools that are capable of producing prototype parts in high pressure die cast. WMTD make castings in various aluminum alloys, as well as zinc and magnesium.

prototype tooling1WMTD maintains an inventory of various sized mold bases that are adaptable to retain P-20 cavity inserts for prototype die cast runs. Additionally, the Company routinely builds custom mold bases for parts that exceed the size or number of slides of mold bases in inventory. Our mold bases are adaptable for parts with slides or open/shut configurations. By leveraging this inventory of bases, WMTD provides a cost effective solution to production intent prototype.

The company also creates specialized machining fixtures for all secondary operations required. Milling, drilling, tapping, boring, and de-gating are routine. Additionally, WMTD fabricates machining fixtures, building; water submersion leak checking and helium mass spectrometer testing fixtures. In plastics we perform sonic welding and spin welding as well as adhesive application. WMTD use of vendor owned mold bases and hand cleaning parting lines eliminates the need for trim dies to be produced in prototyping.
Sand cast patterns are produced for our Green Sand or Air Set cast aluminum, or cast iron foundry parts.


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