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WMTD Prototypes

p diecast 31Whether you need 1 part of 1,000 for any sort of trial build, WMTD can produce these as billet machined, cast, or 3D printed from a variety of materials; brass, bronze, steel, aluminum, die castings, sand castings or even plastics and nylons. Our engineering and quality team will aid you in design, testing and verifying the pre-production parts. We can provide 100% CMM layout or scanning, x-rays – fluoroscope or film, impregnation, flow analysis, heat-treating, machining and even surface coating or anodizing.

Billet Machined

WMTD provides test parts for proving form, fit and function of design first in billet machined parts. We provide our customers with billet machined parts in aluminum, steel, continuous cast iron, plastics, nylon, brass, bronze and other materials.  Parts are machined to customer specifications and dimensionally verified with sample part CMM layouts, gauging, and material certification.

Production Intent

diecast 1Many customers ask for production intent prototypes after Finite Element Analysis is complete to verify the parts during durability vehicle testing of components. Using parts produced in the exact way production parts will be made allows mass testing to be performed on parts as close to production quality as possible. WMTD can provide prototype High Pressure Die Cast parts in various alloys of zinc, aluminum, and magnesium, Sand Cast parts in Green Sand as well as Air set foundry castings, Cast Iron parts in A356, Ductile, and Gray iron.

Custom Machining

Our custom machining value streams can provide quantities ranging from one to thousands of units. Size of turning ranges from very small to very large diameters, and lengths up to 120”. Our turning centers have live tooling and can incorporate keyways, slotting, bolt circles, grooving and milling.

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